Our 3 step process

To ensure the highest level of print delivery GSM Press has streamlined its process over the years to accommodate and simplify the wide array of work we perform. Our approach for digital and traditional offset print is the same, we give you control.

1) Pre press – the pre press stage is the crucial phase of turning your artwork into “print-ready art”. This involves creating digital proofs for checking by “ripping” your files (a digital process to convert digital information into analogue or hard copy). This exacting stage is how we confirm that no information is lost and that the finished print file will be as close to the original as possible.

2) Proof & Print – once the file is proofed it is ready to print. We make a plate or send direct-to-digital in this phase dependant on your project. It is not uncommon to proof check on the press at this stage for an exact look at your job, to see how it is reacting to your choice of stock and to confirm colour density.

3) Finish & Deliver – Once the project is printed and if required allowed to dry, any further embellishments are carried out. These commonly include, scoring, numbering, perforating, folding, gluing, stitching, foiling, embossing, celloglazing and varnishing. When the final product is checked and finished we pack and send to your preferred destination.