Frequently Asked Questions

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When GSM Press request this we are looking for the file to be saved with all elements of the file converted
to cmyk (if it is a 4 colour process job), images to be at least 300dpi (at the correct size), imbed fonts
(or outlined depending on program), 4mm bleed, trim marks added and saved as single pages.

GSM Press is configured to be able produce a wide range of printed items. For example items printed on a
weekly basis would include business cards , brochures, flyers, envelopes, magazines, newsletters,
presentation folders , purchase order books, statement shells, letterheads and direct mail items just to name a few.

Yes we specialise in short run quick turnaround digital printing, including training manuals,
also well suited to print dine in menus , brochures, wobblers, catalogue and business cards.

There are many aspects to consider, but in general a 160 gsm mailing card would suffice.
Personally, I would opt for a thicker gsm (grams per square metre) more like 250gsm-300gsm
sheet as it delivers a more substantial feel in the hands of the end user.

Yes, we are well equipped to offer graphic design services for a large range of printed items including menus.

Bleed is the colour , type or image that extends beyond the trim marks on a page.
To have this go all the way to the edge after trimming, we recommend bleeding or extending your colour type etc beyond the page size by 4mm.

For a great result we would recommend you save images at a resolution of 300 dpi ,
also it is important they are saved in the size that they will be used.